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Refer also to my Environmental Study Curriculum and my Translator profile according to your interests.


Geneviève Granger

Born on the 21st of June 1968 in Aurillac, France

In a relationship

French, naturalised as a German citizen since 06/06/2008


Applied Languages and Communication

Main languages: German and English

Main field: Documentation

at: UFR-LAC, Université Blaise Pascal, Clermont-Ferrand II, France (September 1986-January 1992) and NIHE (now: DCU), Dublin (January-March 1989) (in the frame of the Erasmus student exchanges)

Degree: Maîtrise (Equivalent to a B. A.), Pass Grade 2, January 1992

Environmental sciences

2005-2011: Study at the Open University, Milton Keynes, UK

Degrees: Diploma of Pollution Control, December 2008,

B. Sc. Hons of Environmental Studies, December 2011

Refer to my Environmental Study curriculum for the details on my studies.

Special skills


French: native language

German and English: fluent

Spanish and Dutch: advanced

Catalan, Swedish, Italian, Hindi: basic knowledge

Computing knowledge

Very good acquaintance with PC use and proficiency in many PC applications. Open to learn new systems.

(Refer also to my Translator profile for more details.)

Particular characteristics

Excellent organisational skills, rapid capability of understanding and adaptation, high quality requirements

Working experience

(Refer also to my Translator profile for more details on my career and skills as a translator, project manager and terminogist.)

During my studies in Applied Languages and Communication

  • July1988, Infoterm, Vienna: translations in the field of terminology and documentation
  • March-June 1990, Bayer AG, Forschungszentrum Wuppertal: documentation of pharmacological studies (biometry): data preparation, light programming
  • October 1990-June 1991, TermNet, Vienna; various translation agencies: free-lance translating
  • November 1990, Alcatel Austria, Vienna, Secretary: secretarial work, translations
  • October 1990-May 1991, SPIDI, Vienna: teaching French at different levels
  • July-August 1991, Siemens-Nixdorf AG, Sprachendienst, München: collaboration for the development of a terminology database system
  • February-July 1992, Siemens-Nixdorf AG, METAL-Entwicklung, Munich: lexicographical work for the machine translation system METAL
  • August-September 1992, Secretary of State, Canada, Hull, Quebec: terminology work

As main activity

  • October 1992-March 1994, Wirtschaftshansa, Munich: commercial assistance, translations, internal trainings for software applications
  • 1993-1994, Langenscheidt KG, Munich: teaching French for beginners (evening courses)
  • June 1994-February 1995: free-lance collaboration with
Wirtschaftshansa: translations and coordination of the translation works at Mercedes-Benz in Stuttgart, consulting for the management of the project
Capella & Partner, Munich: office’s administration; purchasing; market evaluation; quality control; technical support; software testing; personnel training, translations
  • March 1995-October 2006, itl AG, Munich: project management; consulting for rationalisation of linguistic projects; software testing; technical translations, technical support for the translation department
  • Since November 2006: freelance translator


Dance (mainly ballet), yoga, hiking




Activities as a voluntary worker

Photography for environmental associations (Green City e.V. (Munich), Anciela (France))

Own initiative "Rein Münchnerisch" against street waste in Munich

Journalistic work in the environmental field (e.g. for Anciela (France))

Urban gardening and ecology advisor for urban gardeners

Participation to the organisation of the biannual March against Monsanto

Single commitments on demand (guerilla gardening, etc.)

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